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Unrivaled Medicine God
Unrivaled Medicine God

NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2141 – Poor Memory cough act
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Supporting his pig-like brain, Prolonged Zhaotian escaped directly back to the camping.
Experiencing the manager, Long Zhaotian used a tone of voice to protest tearfully, “Boss! Superior! You should get proper rights for me personally!”
… Very long Zhaotian, why do you turn into a pig’s head right after not viewing for a long time? Along with, you possess quite the opportunity as a pig’s mind.”
When Ye Yuan accessed the Dragon Eyesight Cave, he was merely a preliminary-stage 7th Firmament True G.o.d.
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Extended Xun arrived when he observed that. Experiencing Lengthy Zhaotian, he laughed loudly and claimed, “Pighead Tian, you have been already beaten to your pig’s go. Will you be still becoming forgetful?”
“Your Excellency is mighty! Your Excellency is mighty!”
Out of doors Longer Xun’s camping, Longer Zhaotian shouted ,”Human brat! My employer will be here, so rush up and are available to pass away!”
Lengthy Xun’s gaze s.h.i.+fted to Longer Xiaochun and could not assist uncovering a severe appear.
… pounding who with a pig’s head? Naturally it is pounding someone to a pig’s travel! You, a mere Eighth Firmament Real G.o.d, dare to always be so arrogant! Nowadays, I wish for you to struggle to have the results of failure!”
Section 2141: Very poor Memory
She prepared on personally moving to have a look.
These were all really clear about Lengthy Zhaotian’s power, it had been a level better than Long Xun.
Only then managed Extended Zhaotian’s sadness consider enjoyment when he reported, “Boss, it is not really that I, Lengthy Zhaotian, can’t allow it to be, but that Long Xun also discovered a supervisor from no idea where by. His sturdiness is too strong, I’m not a match by any means!”
Long Zhaotian said having a bitter experience, “B-Supervisor, I … I only became like this because I had been doing errands for you!”
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with Superior setting up a proceed, that number of grandsons is sure to kick the bucket extremely unhappy! Boss, you must stand up personally and conquer that punk in a pig’s head!”
But he was just like a little one before Ye Yuan, devoid of the energy to combat back whatsoever.
These folks were all clear about Very long Zhaotian’s energy, it was actually a good level better than Prolonged Xun.
Unrivaled Medicine God
When Ye Yuan moved into the Dragon Eyeball Cave, he was merely a primary-level Seventh Firmament Correct G.o.d.
Chapter 2141: Terrible Memory
Observing Ye Yuan, Longer Xiaochun’s students could not help constricting, her encounter exposing an expression similar to simply being relieved of the large responsibility.
Long Zhaotian experienced a smug appearance and stated by using a frosty teeth, “Long Xun, you wouldn’t feel that your Eighth Firmament Accurate G.o.d could deal with an Empyrean giant, proper? The minute Lord Xiaochun can make her switch, that superior of yours will immediately choose minced various meats! This dad of yours obtained reported right before, suggesting that you surrender previous, but the truth is wouldn’t listen closely. Today, I am going to definitely conquer you to a pig’s brain! Oh yeah, ideal, that manager of yours also!”
… …
Long Xiaochun was mischievous by nature and experienced that as being a leader was pretty exciting. Thus, she also began consuming terrific happiness in playing.
Beyond the fulfillment, Long Xun’s part was also extremely surprised, in particular Longer Chun.
Extended Zhaotian completely did not recognize the bizarre setting but still laughed loudly because he claimed,
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Ye Yuan’s two view narrowed and the man had taken one step out. The other one section all shuddered and moved along Pighead Tian and fled like traveling.
Extended Zhaotian said gloomily, “Really is not! Their superior is a individual, obtaining only an Eighth Firmament Correct G.o.d cultivation. But his toughness is incredible. I didn’t have sturdiness left over to retaliate! Thankfully, he didn’t option a killing blow. Otherwise, Minimal Tian probably won’t have the ability to get back to match Supervisor.”
A heavy impact landed on his encounter, instantly posting him piloting out.
“Still not scramming? Could it be that you men all desire to turn into pig heads?”
External Longer Xun’s camp out, Very long Zhaotian shouted ,”Human brat! My supervisor has arrived, so hurry up and come to pass on!”
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“Who would you say that you like to overcome to the pig’s go? Appears to be your memory is very poor!” Ye Yuan walked over relaxing while he stated coolly.

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