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Dual Cultivation
Mind, Machines and Evolution

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 669 – Admitting Defeat cabbage blue-eyed
In the midst of Wu Jiang’s feelings, Su Yang suddenly spoke, “Ah, I did not remember to note this but as a result of my insufficient cultivation foundation, I do not possess ideal control over my Sword Will, in case I accidentally remove you or eradicate this sect, you can’t blame me, acceptable?”
“B-Nevertheless, you know Immortal Fairy Su Yue?” Wu Jingjing stared at him with amazement in their sight, as she ended up being passing away in order to reach the well-known Immortal Fairy.
Wu Jiang pondered that has a serious frown on his facial area.
Wu Jiang immediately realized his purposes and needed an in-depth inhalation before announcing within a loud speech, “Wu Jingjing! I had been completely wrong therefore you were actually proper! It appears that we was the sightless one all very long! Despite the fact that he turns out to be conceited and bold, he has the skills to back his arrogance, plus i cannot visualize somebody much more appropriate than him to generally be your man!”
“T-The Eastern Country?!?!” Wu Jiang stood up from great shock. “What sort of h.e.l.l would you be able to go across the Jade Seas?”
Seeing and hearing the Sect Master’s instruction, the disciples inside the market immediately dispersed and sent back to anything they had been carrying out in the past.
“Anyhow, since I have misplaced my sword struggle with him, no matter how it transpired, I will always keep my terms and behave as despite the fact that nothing at all got occurred nowadays! Even so, that does not mean my father will be seated still once he understands on this! If he does decide to punish him, I won’t support him, as that is definitely not part of our agreement!”
“So? What want to discuss with me about?” Wu Jiang considered these people with a significant phrase.
“Oh yeah, no. We’re not married— that’s basically a tale she composed. Even though, we all do use a specific associations.h.i.+p,” he temporarily revealed.
‘As considerably as I wish to see personally what his Sword Will can perform, I have this ominous sensing around my gut that’s sharing with me to getaway using this sword battle and confess defeat…’
“What are you planning to do now?” Wu Jiang required Su Yang afterward.
“Will you be completely satisfied now? I won’t aim to split you two ever again, and with regards to the problem with the Lian Family members, I am going to use a talk to Emperor Lian after,” Wu Jiang thought to Su Yang. “Despite the fact that, I cannot assure you that anything at all will emerge from it.”
“Oh, no. We’re not married— that’s only a scenario she made up. Even though, perform possess a distinctive loved ones.h.i.+p,” he briefly discussed.
“What?! And that means you are— you actually are her spouse?!” Wu Jiang exclaimed.
“I recognize! I will have evening meal together with you tonight!” she shouted sometime after.
“At any rate, you want to adhere to Su Yang back in the Eastern Country? How many times do you want to pay a visit to me? You would imagine I’m really going to let you consider my granddaughter faraway from me without having a battle?” Wu Jiang checked out her with narrowed eyeballs.
“Huh? W-Delay a second… I don’t understand…” Wu Jiang viewed these with a dumbfounded search on his face. “Even when you are planning to adhere to him, why do you have to keep the region?”
Lian Li immediately narrowed her eyeballs to glare at him by having an annoyed gaze.
“Huh?” Wu Jingjing converted to check out Su Yang with broad vision. “You… That you were Immortal Fairy Su Yue’s…”
“I flew here using a hovering boat,” he casually explained.
“L-Like h.e.l.l I am going to let you do that!” Wu Jiang quickly exclaimed before saying, “Good! I acknowledge defeat! If neither Sword Purpose nor Sword Qi operates to you, I will reduce regardless of what I do mainly because of the procedures in this combat!”
The disciples there gasped in impact once they observed Lian Li’s words and phrases. They didn’t think that she would actually consent to this type of preposterous obtain.
Lian Li thought to herself before disappearing out of the location shortly after.
“Since Su Yang is not in the Sacred Middle Continent, daddy. He came from the Eastern Country,” she thought to him.
“Huh? W-Wait around a second… I don’t understand…” Wu Jiang checked out all of them with a dumbfounded appear on his confront. “Even when you are going to adhere to him, why do you have to make the continent?”
After the instant of silence, Su Yang stated, “I do believe you’re absent a little something.”
“Oh yeah? You’re conscious previously?” Su Yang considered her using a smile on his facial area.
“So? What do you wish to speak with me about?” Wu Jiang investigated all of them with a critical term.
“She’s in the Eastern Country,” he was quoted saying.
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Su Yang smiled soon after discovering Wu Jiang’s reaction, and this man spoke, “Immortal Fairy Su Yue— you asked me generally if i recognized her, perfect? I variety of lied for your needs.”
Wu Jiang immediately believed his motives and got a deep air before stating in the deafening tone of voice, “Wu Jingjing! I was wrong therefore you were definitely perfect! It ends up which i was the sightless one all extended! Although he is a touch arrogant and bold, they have the abilities to back his arrogance, and so i cannot imagine another person additional installing than him to get your husband!”
After the moment of silence, Su Yang reported, “I do think you’re skipping a little something.”
Wu Jiang immediately knew his goals and required an in-depth inhale before stating in a excessive tone of voice, “Wu Jingjing! I used to be completely wrong and also you were appropriate! It turns out we was the blind one all prolonged! While he turns out to be arrogant and bold, he has the capabilities to back his arrogance, and that i cannot just imagine somebody additional matching than him to get your husband!”
‘Hmph! Just you hold out! I could make you repent humiliating me ahead of lots of people!’
“A hovering boat…?” Wu Jiang quickly frowned. He could only recall some other person who may have a real treasure.
“Regardless, you need to abide by Su Yang directly back to the Eastern Region? How often can you take a look at me? You think I’m planning to help you to take my granddaughter from me without using a deal with?” Wu Jiang considered her with narrowed eyeballs.
Wu Jiang nodded before speaking in the noisy tone of voice, “You might be all disregarded!”
“A soaring boat…?” Wu Jiang quickly frowned. He can only recall somebody else having a really cherish.

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